This episode of SunCast features a discussion with Matthew Harris of Solar Energy International (SEI). Matthew is the Program Manager for SEI’s Spanish-language solar training program, and he’s has been with SEI for over ten years (!), involved in many aspects of their mission of providing industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to empower people, communities, and businesses worldwide.

Matthew has led the development of the Spanish training program for the last 4 years with a focus on Latin America, now boasting over 1000 students and counting.  In today’s episode, we discuss

State of the Industry for solar training in Latam

Training standards across the region and the need for further advocacy

SEI’s innovative partnership model that’s led to relationships with industry titans like First Solar leading their training efforts in Chile

In-person vs Online and the future of integrated learning

And lastly, we get into one little practice You could be implementing that would boost your sales presence and “on your feet” alertness right now.

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