Welcome to Episode 83 of Suncast!

Did you check out last weeks episode with Ed Feo? If not, Listen to it here!

Today we’re going to drill down on the ways that you have been losing in your negotiations, in business and life, and the subtle ways you can fix it, and stop missing out on the spoils of your labor.

There’s no formal guest today, but instead we get a virtual guest by the name of Chris Voss, author of Never Split the Difference – possibly one of the best books I’ve read in a decade. I’ve personally used the tools I’ve learned from it to negotiate a 150% fee increase in a contract negotiation, more than once.

It’s the single most recommended book, by me, to all my business colleagues as well as family & friends, and for good reason. It’s changed how I do business and has materially changed my life, and I’ve been waiting for a good time to share it with you because YOU deserve to have this information in your hands!  

After we’ve studied this material together, you’ll know:

  • The keys to spotting liars and decision makers
  • The power of No
  • The three types of Yes’s
  • A self-effacing strategy that works every time
  • And the 2 magic words you need to hear in every negotiation (That’s right, the magic words) 

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Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day. Enjoy this episode of SunCast.