Welcome to a special edition of Tactical Tuesday, featuring practical insights to propel your company and your career. This episode comes straight from our live stage at RE+ in 2022 and we’ve weaved together a rich collection of strategies for audience growth, brand building, and engaging your audience effectively in the dynamic landscape of new media.

The first segment delves into the role of platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok, emphasizing their potential to bolster brand visibility and engagement, particularly in B2B markets. Our speakers caution against diving into trending platforms without strategic forethought, illuminating the unique opportunities and challenges each platform presents. The segment drives home the importance of understanding the customer journey and aligning social media strategies with the company’s brand pillars as we spoke with top execs from Nextracker, Shoals, Sungrow, and EDPR.

In the second segment, the dialogue turns to the strategic value and potential pitfalls of podcasting for businesses. Lauren Glickman and Nico Johnson provide key advice, suggesting that businesses could potentially reap greater benefits from guest appearances on established podcasts, rather than hastily initiating their own. This segment also delivers practical guidance on effective pitching to podcast hosts, a strategy to broaden your reach.

Closing out the episode, Josh Porter and Nico Johnson discuss the art of being a podcast guest. They emphasize the importance of knowing your thought leadership, aligning with podcasters whose audience mirrors your target demographic, and the potential of repurposing podcast content across multiple platforms.

By linking these segments, this episode provides a comprehensive guide for businesses navigating the currents of new media. It highlights strategic platform use for audience growth, the ins and outs of building a brand in new media, and effective strategies for resonating and connecting with your audience.