I finally got around to a complete recap and takeaways from this year’s RE+ main event, a milestone in the clean energy industry that saw an astounding attendance of over 40,000 people. Joining me is industry expert Nate Jovanelly, who for the past 2 years has hosted the Industry Pulse segment at our PowerUp Live Podcast Stage, and hosts his own podcast called Limitless (you really should already be subscribed to this one!). Nate is also co-founder of Sunraise Capital and one of my go-to resources for all things related to residential solar & financing. But today’s convo is not about either of those, directly.  Rather, Nate & I give our take on this year’s RE+, takeaways, thoughts, superlatives, and more. 

This year’s RE+ in Las Vegas truly highlighted the outstanding growth in the industry, and we kick things off with a recurring theme in many conversations on the show floor: workforce development.  We also talk about how the industry is “crossing the chasm”, highlighting how prosumers are playing a crucial role in shifting market dynamics.  And we dig into the growing trend of strategic partnerships among pioneering companies (manufacturers chiefly) that is shaping a new era of collaboration and innovation.  

But, this year’s RE+ event was not without challenges, so we provide our take on what could be improved, along with what turned out to be a quite popular segment of our daily show, the SWAG Roundup!  Regardless if you were at RE+ this year or not, its sheer size likely guarantees that there was plenty you missed, so tune into this recap episode, and if you find yourself wanting to hear more of what took place, make sure to visit suncast.live to watch all the shows from our PowerUp Live Podcast Stage at RE+, or queue up the replays we published here on the pod of the daily morning shows and roundups!