With carbon emissions from heavy industry and power generation at record highs, reducing industrial emissions on a large scale is imperative. Pioneering this mission are the innovative leaders at 8 Rivers, who are leading the field with their carbon capture and oxy-combustion technologies.

Damian Beauchamp, President and CDO at 8 Rivers, discusses their in-house approach to technological innovation, the first outcome of which is their industry-leading carbon capture technology. Beauchamp, a multifaceted entrepreneur, innovator, executive, and chemist, not only offers strategic leadership and guidance at 8 Rivers but also infuses the organization with his enthusiasm for outpacing the rest of the industry when it comes to capturing carbon and helping to meet the global goal of net zero by 2050. 

In this conversation, we are exploring 8 Rivers’ process of innovation, recruitment strategies for scaling up their team, and lessons learned from generating more than $ 2 billion in economic value (and just getting started!). 8 Rivers enhances its diversity and fosters innovation by bridging skill gaps and recruiting talent from the fossil fuel industry. This was a fun conversation that Nico was able to have in-person at the 8Rivers offices. You can WATCH instead on our YouTube channel!