I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. As we welcome December 26, we find ourselves in the middle of “Boxing Day” — a tradition steeped in history and goodwill. It occurred to me recently that I actually don’t know why the heck the lesser-known (at least here in the US) holiday of Boxing Day exists. If you’ve ever asked yourself the same question, well today’s mini-sode will make you smarter! Stemming from Victorian times, this holiday on the day after Christmas, was a way of expressing gratitude to Servants for their year of service! 

Today, the celebration extends to sport events, charity runs, and continued exchange of gifts. 

As we continue into the festive season, I’m excited to carry on my annual ’12 Days of Christmas’ tradition – this year it’s called “The Influencer List”.  Each day, I’ll connect you with a new thought leader (Influencer) that is helping re-write the narrative on climate & energy in 2024 with their innovative ideas and climate action stories. Some names might be familiar, some new, but all are worth following as they continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling and innovation in driving climate action. So, keep an eye on our LinkedIn posts each day through January 6th.

I’d recommend you tap the notification bell on my Linkedin Profile (link below) so you get a mobile push each day when I publish the latest story.  

Stay with us on this wonderful journey as we welcome an exciting new year of innovation and climate action.

And let me know who YOU would have added to the list.  We’ll be creating a more broad-reaching influencer matrix over on www.resourcelabs.co during the month of January.

Oh, and happy Boxing Day!