Today’s episode features bold predictions from a compilation of 2023’s best episodes. I asked leaders from diverse fields within the renewable energy sector to answer, looking as if from the future: What did we get right to meet our decarbonization and clean energy goals now that it’s 2050?

This compilation features the insights of Laura Pagliarulo(Solareit), Ardes Johnson(Meyer Burger), Christie Obiaya(Heliogen), Robert Piconi(Energy Vault), Aaron Halimi(Renewable Properties), Katherine Hamilton(38 North), Steven Zhu(Trina Solar), Andy McCarthy(RACV Solar), Billy Lee(Reunion) and Damian Beauchamp(8Rivers). Each was a featured guest on one of our Thursday executive deep-dives, and in this special episode I’m providing a synthesis of their collective answers to the key actions they believe are needed to achieve the aggressive decarbonization and clean energy goals necessary to avert climate disaster.

One of the most consistent responses on the year was the imperative for increased battery storage to propel more renewables onto the grid by 2030. Technological advancements and a commitment to diversifying supply chains are other key drivers in deploying additional renewables. EVs and carbon capture technologies will also play an important role in reducing emissions and meeting climate goals.

In tandem with tech innovation, achieving ambitious renewable targets demands a global collaboration, where every nation plays a significant role. To make these informed clean energy choices, decision-makers and communities must be equipped with the right education. Equally crucial is the cultivation of a ‘green’ workforce prepared to tackle ambitious targets head-on. 

Together, these narratives demonstrate the need for innovation, resilience, and unwavering determination to reach climate & energy goals by 2030 and beyond to 2050.

I’d love to know what your takeaways were, as well as your favorite episodes on the year!

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