Welcome back! We’re back in communications range to continue our collective journey of exploration into what the future holds for all living things on our planet.  

In the second episode of the season, we explore the hidden work that helps oil and gas companies undermine the many efforts of forward-thinking Earthlings to combat climate change. Our guest today is Duncan Meisel, Executive Director of Clean Creatives, who advocates the crucial yet sensitive role of PR firms in clean energy transition! 

The discussion will touch upon the F-list, an independent analysis from Clean Creatives revealing over 230 creative agencies working on global marketing strategies in support oil and gas companies. Mentioned in this podcast is how Hill & Knowlton promotes their support of a net-zero future on their website here, even as they manage the Oil and Gas Climate Iniative

Please tune in for an engaging discussion that delves into the possibilities that lie ahead and the potential of PR to shape a better narrative towards clean energy transition in the world.

Stay curious, stay engaged, and stay tuned!

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