Grant is Founder and CEO of Mast Reforestation. Mast Reforestation focuses on solving the problem faced by land managers and owners after wildfires, including seed acquisition, seedling growth, transportation, and carbon credit registration and sale. 

We also cover his career, and journey to Mast. He is a repeat founder and took Mast through Techstars and several high-profile people have invested. 

For him “Climate Change is the problem that all of their issues report to.”

He shares his experiences and career trajectory, including his work in green building, wind energy, and even founding a company that converted food waste into industrial protein for fish feed. 

Grant’s approach to finding his role within the climate community is described as a challenging and iterative process, where he explored various ideas and considered factors like capital requirements, strategy, and personal fit. 

He also shares his perspective on carbon credits, a topic that has been challenged in popular media.

Grant’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grantcanary/

Company website: https://www.mastreforest.com/

Twitter: @MastReforest