Christine Boyle, Partner at Burnt Island Ventures

Founder and CEO of Valor Water, a venture backed water tech/data company that exited after 5 years to a big corporate. 

We discuss:

  • Hacking procurement timelines were part of the entrepreneurial journey
  • Water is more than utilities, ag, data centers, 
  • Become an insider in the sector, conference circuit and joining groups/orgs/committtees
  • Raising capital in the utility space
  • What it’s like to get acquired
  • Imagine H2Ohttps://www.imagineh2o.org/
  • Don’t be a jerk  – even when you’re stressed or anxious
  • Life in China
  • Dam removal & water use for the Klamath River
  • What Burnt Island Ventures is looking for in potential portfolio companies
  • 2 consumer water technologies that you can get NOW:
  • Spout – Getting water from air on your countertop – https://www.spoutwater.com/
  • Beagle – Water security and plumbing – https://www.beagleservices.com/

Join us to learn more about exiting the world of water tech.