The world needs technological breakthroughs that preserve our planet. But nothing changes until $1 moves, and venture capital enables dollars to deploy into the most scalable solutions quickly.
Join Climate Tech founder & investor, Elena Foukes, every week as she engages leaders in the climate tech ecosystem. Together, we seek to demystify the world of climate tech venture capital and unlock gigatons of carbon reduction and resource sustainability. We are an angel investment group which deploys capital to climate solutions, generating personal returns. Climate Avengers is here to find & fund these breakthroughs.


Elena is a cleantech leader, advisor, and investor. Elena has been in renewable energy for over ten years, beginning her career at PG&E in energy efficiency and distributed generation programs. Elena thrives in ambiguous situations and seamlessly aligns decision makers and stakeholders to achieve business targets. Forbes named her 30 Under 30 in 2016. She has previously been the Board Director for the Green Button Alliance and co-chaired the Finance Committee while on the board of Women in Cleantech and Sustainability. She holds a Master’s of International Economics with a focus on China econometrics and energy policy from UC San Diego. She curated a website and newsletter of all the energy, tech, and career development events in the San Francisco Bay Area for three years. She is originally from metro-Detroit, paints abstract landscapes, and is a Girl Scout Gold Awardee.

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