An Earthling Evolution

Welcome Earthlings to Season 3! In this special episode, creator and host Lisa Ann Pinkerton previews what’s new on the podcast, how it’s elevated to Earthlings 2.0, and highlights some of the captivating you’ll hear in the first few episodes. 

Join us as we speak to entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and policy advocates to explore a wide range of topics, including innovative climate solutions, groundbreaking emerging technologies, and intriguing glimpses into the future.

Whether you’re passionate about sustainable living, fascinated by cutting-edge advancements, or curious about the world we’ll inhabit in the coming years, The Earthlings 2.0 Podcast has something for everyone. Prepare for insightful discussions and thought-provoking conversations that will inspire you to take action and make a positive impact on our planet.

Guest Voices featured in this preview in order of their appearance: 

Tune in to Season 3 of The Earthlings Podcast and embark on a journey of knowledge, hope, and discovery as we come together to create a better future for all Earthlings. 

Stay curious, stay engaged, and stay tuned!