Welcome to Season 3! We’re back in communications range to continue our collective journey of exploration into what the future holds for all living things on our planet.  

In this first episode of the season, we explore how technology developed for space travel is being reused here on planet Earth. Our guest is Brittany Zimmerman, CEO of Yummet, a remarkable female entrepreneur who has pioneered a groundbreaking innovation.

Using her deep expertise as one of the youngest NASA Principal Investigator and Aerospace Systems Engineers and experience developing life support systems for long-duration spaceflight and habitation, Zimmerman is transforming those solutions to benefit life on Earth. Yummet’s technology solution mimics the natural process of mother nature to break down waste and transform it into valuable minerals, soils, water, clean air, green hydrogen and green concrete.  

Please tune in for an engaging discussion that delves into the possibilities that lie ahead and the potential of technology to shape a better future for us all.

Stay curious, stay engaged, and stay tuned!

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