Hello Earthlings! In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and our guest Steve Boyle (Rubicon Carbon VP, Head of Sales) discuss how we solve the puzzle of carbon markets. 

If you follow this industry, you know the ability of companies to purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions can be as complicated as a Rubik’s Cube. Steve walks us through the industry’s reputational challenges, Verra’s carbon credits scandal, and the differences between nature-based solutions and industrial-based solutions. Steve and Lisa Ann also discuss how Rubicon Carbon is changing the industry to make it easier for corporations to verify and trust the carbon offsets they are purchasing. 

In Restoring Our Faith in Humanity- we have the privilege of spotlighting journalist Fathi Mohamed Ahmed, who, in 2022, pioneered Somalia’s inaugural all-women newsroom, Bilan Media. Despite confronting pervasive prejudice, this remarkable news team fearlessly tackles previously taboo social topics, such as puberty, the female drug epidemic, and the lives of women living with HIV. Fathi and her dedicated news team exemplify extraordinary courage, and we wholeheartedly commend their endeavors.

Restoring our Faith in Humanity today is journalist Fathi Mohamed Ahmed. She launched Somalia’s first all-women newsroom in 2022. Known as Bilan Media, the news team has overcome prejudice to disseminate news on taboo topics such as puberty, the female drug epidemic, and women living with HIV. Fathi and her news team are displaying tremendous courage and we salute them.

This is the fourth episode in our series on carbon emissions. To hear more, other episodes in this series are: 

Key topics covered in this episode include: 

  • The different types of carbon offsets available
  • Nature-based solutions and industrial decarbonization solutions.
  • The Vera scandal and the problem with nature-based carbon credits.
  • What Rubicon is doing differently to avoid situations like Vera
  • Rubicon Carbon’s standards and philosophy on carbon credit quality 

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