Hello Earthlings! In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and guest Andy Jarvis (Director of The Bezos Earth Fund) explore the answer to everything… Beans!Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the unassuming world of beans and their surprising impact on global health and the environment. In this episode, Andy walks us through the Beans is How campaign from the SDG2 Advocacy Hub. We cover the variances in bean consumption across the globe and explore how these little powerhouses can be pivotal in addressing some of the world’s most pressing food and environmental challenges.

Discover why regions with lower bean intakes, such as North America, could hold the key to a more sustainable future and how cultural adaptations could make beans a staple in diets worldwide. Also learn about the advancements in agricultural science that are making beans more resilient in the face of climate change and how this could revitalize our soil and minimize fertilizer use.

Don’t miss this compelling episode that promises to change the way you think about the humble bean and its place in our diets and our world.

In “Restoring Our Faith in Humanity,” segment for this episode, we feature Shirley Bellows, a dedicated Canadian gardener whose tireless efforts may have single-handedly rescued the Blue Jay Bean from the brink of extinction! Dive into the resources below to discover more about this inspiring story…

Key  Topics: 

  • How promoting increased bean consumption, especially in regions with low consumption like North America, can help address food and environmental challenges.
  • Doubling bean consumption by 2028 could have significant planetary impacts, especially when beans are developed to be more climate-resilient.
  • The importance of bioavailability in nutrition and the potential for revolution in understanding the gut microbiome is highlighted.

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Restoring Faith in Humanity Spotlight: 

Shirley Bellows’ Efforts to Rescue the Blue Jay Bean from the Brink of Extinction https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-blue-jay-bean-seed-conservation/