Hello Earthlings! This week we’re bringing a very special episode swap with SunCast, hosted by Nico Johnson. We’re showcasing an exceptional episode featuring Dan French, Executive Producer of the Solar Farm Summit. In this enlightening conversation, Nico and Dan delve into the intricacies of agrivoltaics, an innovative fusion of agriculture and solar power generation. We found this episode very insightful and exciting, and hope you find it just as captivating. 

Tune in and let’s explore the exciting world of agrovoltaics together!

Key  Topics: 

  • The Promise of Agrivoltaics: Combining solar energy and agriculture (agrivoltaics) can result in increased crop yields, improved soil health, and pollinator habitats, making it a promising avenue for sustainable development.
  • Applying the ‘Brownfield Playbook’: Strategies used in brownfield redevelopment, such as engaging stakeholders and defining end goals, can be effectively applied to solar development.
  • Community Engagement is Key: Successful implementation of solar projects requires active community engagement. The benefits of agrivoltaics can help address local concerns and gain support.

Voices on The Show: