Hello Earthlings! In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and guest Neal Dikeman (founder and Partner at Energy Transition Ventures, Chairman of Cleantech.org) continue their discussion on the politics, legislation, and ethics of carbon credit and carbon offset. 

Lisa Ann and Neal delve deeply into the conflicting objectives behind using carbon credits to counterbalance carbon emissions and critically assess whether this approach is genuinely effective or merely a futile expenditure.

Neal also provides a candid critique of corporate strategies for addressing climate change, highlighting how some companies minimally contribute to environmental conservation. He also emphasizes the urgency of transitioning from our current energy sources, which are unsustainable, to renewable ones. Neal’s insights reveal the stark reality of our current complacent attitude towards climate change and the potential dire consequences for humanity if this issue remains unaddressed!

Key  Topics: 

  • Neal and Lisa Ann talk about political polarization and the urgent need for active communication 
  • Neal emphasizes the importance of optimism and taking action in addressing climate change, despite the complexity and challenges involved

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Energy Transition Ventures website https://energytransitionventures.com/