Hello Earthlings! In today’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications), and guest Marty Snyder (President at SuperCapicitor Energy) delve into the amazing technology of supercapacitors, the damaging effects of diesel, and energy storage. 

Lisa Ann and Marty speak about the challenges related to providing power supplies to communities that live off-grid. Marty gives insight into SuperCapicitor’s objectives to achieve a cleaner solution to powering communities currently reliant on diesel fuels and the other alternatives that are on offer!

This week, our faith in humanity is restored by a school in Assam, India that doesn’t accept money for tuition. Instead, students must bring 25 plastic bottles, filled with trash, every week to pay for their education. Parmita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar started the school to help kids become more literate in the area and use the trash as payment to make it both affordable and beneficial to the local community. Thanks for all your amazing work Parmita and Mazin! 

Key Topics: 

  • Energy storage and remote communities’ reliance on diesel generators
  • Hybrid supercapacitor technology as a solution to power remote communities
  • Lithium ion vs supercapacitors
  • Energy storage solutions for utilities and grid resilience 

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Mentioned in The Show: 

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