Hello Earthlings! In this week’s episode, our host Lisa Ann Pinkerton (CEO of Technica Communications),, delves into the indispensable yet underappreciated role of rectifiers in the green hydrogen economy with guest Bryan Allen, Director of Hydrogen and Energy Storage at DynaPower. Together they explore how rectifiers, devices converting AC to DC, are pivotal in hydrogen production systems, particularly in green applications involving renewable energy sources like solar.

Allen, with over two decades in the electrical power space, explains the role of rectifiers in connecting the AC and DC worlds, thus facilitating the operation of hydrogen electrolyzers. This episode not only demystifies the technical aspects of green hydrogen production but also celebrates rectifiers as the unsung heroes in this crucial sustainable energy process. Additionally, Allen highlights DynaPower’s contribution to the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Hub in Delta, Utah, underscoring the project’s significance in the US hydrogen economy landscape.

Restoring Our Faith in Humanity this week are recent marine biology discoveries off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast by the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Falkor research vessel, spotlighting the discovery of new octopus species and emphasizing the importance of preserving deep-sea biodiversity.

Key  Topics: 

  • The Role of Rectifiers in the Green Hydrogen Economy: Exploring how rectifiers, devices that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), are fundamental in enabling the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources.
  • Insights from Bryan Allen: Featuring insights from Bryan Allen of DynaPower, discussing his experiences in the electrical power space, the importance of rectifiers in hydrogen production systems, and DynaPower’s involvement in the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Hub project in Delta, Utah.
  • Historical AC/DC Debate: A brief exploration of the historical debate between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla over AC and DC power, providing context on how this debate impacts current energy infrastructure and technology choices in renewable energy production. 

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