Hello Earthlings! In this episode of Earthlings 2.0, Lisa Ann Pinkerton delves into an innovative solution addressing the global housing crisis without exacerbating our climate emergency with Plantd. With the collective future of 3 billion Earthlings at stake by 2030, the episode navigates the pressing need for sustainable construction methods that align with our carbon budget.

In an era where traditional building materials contribute significantly to carbon emissions, this episode spotlights Plantd – a North Carolina-based startup led by Haude Tan and Nathan Silvernail, former NASA and SpaceX engineers. They’ve reimagined construction by creating carbon-negative structural boards from perennial grass, challenging the status quo of the timber industry and paving the way for environmentally sustainable building materials.

Discover how Plantd’s revolutionary non-tree based wood is not just an eco-friendly alternative but a practical solution offering the same, if not better, quality and convenience without altering traditional building practices. From their futuristic manufacturing processes that resemble a space station to their collaboration with local farmers, Plantd’s journey represents a beacon of hope for a greener future in construction.

Restoring Our Faith in Humanity this week are the extraordinary efforts of Erica Hart. Inspired by her father’s suggestion, Erica used her drone to locate a missing local dog. Since then, she has harnessed the power of thermal imaging technology to reunite over 330 dogs with their guardians across the UK and Scotland. Erica’s story is a testament to the impact one person can have, turning a simple act of kindness into a life-changing mission for hundreds of families and their beloved pets.

Key Topics: 

  • Sustainable Construction Solutions: Exploring innovative building methods to address the housing needs of a growing population without compromising environmental sustainability. The focus is on reducing the climate impact through eco-friendly materials and practices.
  • Carbon-Negative Materials by Plantd: Highlighting Plantd’s breakthrough in creating structural boards from perennial grass, offering a carbon-negative alternative to conventional building materials. This approach could significantly reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint.
  • Environmental Impact of Traditional Building: Discussing the considerable carbon emissions from traditional construction materials like concrete and steel, and the need for sustainable alternatives.

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