Hello Earthlings! On this week’s episode, we explore the transformative potential of hyperspectral imaging technology, a tool that was once exclusive to space agencies like NASA but has recently become accessible for commercial use. Join our host Lisa Ann, as she delves into the myriad applications of this advanced imaging technique that captures data across the electromagnetic spectrum to reveal the unseen details of our planet.

Our expert guest, Max Joshua, provides a deep dive into how hyperspectral imaging helps monitor environmental changes, detect methane leaks, and even assess agricultural health from space. Discover how commercial hyperspectral satellites, like those operated by Planet Labs, are democratizing data access, allowing us to verify corporate emission reports and potentially hold polluters accountable. Learn about the challenges and future potential of this technology in various sectors, from agriculture to energy.

Restoring Our Faith in Humanity this week is Australian research scientist Berin Mackenzie. He’s one of several scientists who are actively saving from the brink of extinction, a type of pine tree that evolved 91 million years ago. The Wollemi Pine was thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago, but, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, a stand of 90 specimens were found high in the more remote peaks. Listen to the full episode to hear the full story! 

Key Topics: 

  • Hyperspectral Imaging 101: Max explains the fundamentals of hyperspectral imaging technology, discussing its development from a specialized tool used by NASA to its current commercial applications for monitoring Earth.
  • Applications and Impacts: Hyperspectral imaging’s various applications, such as detecting methane leaks, assessing environmental health, and its potential for enhancing transparency in corporate environmental reporting.
  • The Future of Accountability, ESG, and CSRD: Max and Lisa Ann discuss how hyperspectral imaging can be used to hold companies more accountable 

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Restoring our faith in humanity:Real sense of achievement: The next step to preserve the Wollemi pine” Sydney Morning Herald