Hello Earthlings! In this eye-opening episode of Earthlings 2.0, we sit down with Josh Tetrick, CEO of GOOD Meat, to explore the revolutionary world of cultivated meat. Discover how a single cell can transform into billions of pounds of meat without the need for traditional animal farming. Josh delves into the ethical and environmental implications of our current food system, highlighting the potential of cultivated meat to create a kinder, more sustainable future. 

Learn about the groundbreaking technology behind cellular agriculture, the challenges of scaling production, and the promising future of meat that doesn’t involve slaughter. 

 Key Topics: 

  • The Concept and Technology Behind Cultivated Meat: Understanding how GOOD Meat uses cellular agriculture to produce meat from a single cell and the science involved in the process.
  • Ethical and Environmental Implications: Discussing the current food system’s impact on animals and the environment, and how cultivated meat offers a kinder, more sustainable alternative.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Scaling Production: Exploring the hurdles faced in bringing cultivated meat to market and the potential for widespread adoption in the future.
  • Regulatory Approvals and Market Launches: Insights into the approval process for cultivated meat in different countries, including the groundbreaking retail launch in Singapore, and future plans for global distribution.

Voices on The Show: 

  • Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, Inc. 
  • Linkedin: Josh Tetrick


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