Hello Earthlings! Join us for a compelling discussion on COP28  that cuts through the noise, offering essential insights for anyone passionate about our planet’s future with our host, Lisa Ann, a former NPR Environmental journalist with over 15 years in clean technology PR. We’ll unravel how decision-making processes can dilute impactful climate action, discover the crucial role of community and individual initiatives in driving climate policy, and hear about the positive future developments emerging from COP 28.

🌍 Come along as we discover the paths that individuals and communities can take to make a real difference in our global climate crisis. This isn’t just a conversation; it’s a call to action for everyone who cares about our planet’s future.

Key Topics: 

  • The pitfalls of decision-making by committee in addressing climate change
  • The impact of economic considerations and the reluctance of governments to alter the status quo
  • The role of COP meetings as a networking hub for clean energy and sustainability leaders
  • An emphasis on the importance of community and individual actions in driving policy change

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