Hello Earthlings! In this episode, our hosts Lisa Ann, and our guest Gene Gebolys (CEO and Founder of World Energy), take to the skies in discussing Sustainable Aviation Fuels or SAFs. SAFs are becoming more necessary year by year as the fight to combat climate change intensifies. Gene shares enlightening insights on the evolving SAF market and the company’s groundbreaking transatlantic flight. We discuss the nuances of sustainable aviation, from fuel performance to the tokenization of emission reductions, and how these initiatives pave the way for a greener future in aviation and beyond.

Picking up from our previous discussion in S2E3: Flying the Sustainable Skies, we dive deeper into how the aviation industry is tackling sustainability, especially through SAFs. With global aviation contributing approximately 2.1% of all human-induced CO2 emissions, the importance of this conversation has never been more pressing. We also explore the industry’s informal goal of achieving net zero by 2050 and the interim solutions offered by SAFs as we await the certification of electric or hydrogen planes.

In this episode, our “Restoring Faith in Humanity” segment takes us to Japan, where a poignant story unfolds about a man’s final journey with his late wife’s ashes. A flight attendant’s compassionate gesture of moving the ashes to an adjacent seat illustrates the profound impact of human kindness and empathy

Key Topics: 

  • Analysis of aviation’s contribution to global CO2 emissions and the urgency for change.
  • The industry-wide objective to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.
  • A historical perspective on the evolution of SAFs, from Virgin Atlantic’s initial use in 2008 to recent transatlantic flights powered solely by SAFs.
  • The critical role of SAFs in decreasing lifecycle emissions, which includes production, transport, and utilization impacts.
  • The concept of tokenization in emission reductions and its potential to transform the economics of sustainable fuel adoption.
  • Projections for the future development and increased utilization of SAFs in the aviation industry.

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