Hello Earthlings! In this week’s episode, join us as Karin Calvinho, co-founder and CTO of RenewCO₂, takes us through her journey from witnessing the environmental impacts of Brazil’s petrochemical industry to leading the charge at RenewCO₂. Her story, marked by firsthand experiences with pollution and oil spills, fuels her commitment to sustainable chemistry. 

Alongside host Lisa Ann, Karin dives into how her company transforms CO₂ emissions into eco-friendly plastics, leveraging renewable energy and innovative catalysts from her PhD research. This breakthrough technology not only aims to revolutionize the plastics industry by maintaining its benefits but also contributes to global decarbonization and encourages sustainable consumer behaviors. 

Tune in for an inspiring look at how Karin’s efforts are shaping a greener future and the role of technology in creating sustainable plastics.

This week, our faith in humanity was restored by Hannah Testa, founder of Hannah4Change. Since the tender age of four, Hannah has championed environmental causes, tackling critical issues such as plastic pollution, climate change, and the protection of animal rights. Her efforts have led to monumental policy shifts, notably the passage of The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act in the U.S., and she has enlightened over 30,000 individuals globally on environmental stewardship. A proponent of a healthy, organic, and vegan lifestyle, Hannah’s collaborations with brands like Kashi and her successful campaign to have Starbucks adopt sustainable coffee cups underscore her impact. We are deeply grateful to Hannah for her extraordinary contributions and for reminding us that the love for our planet transcends generations.

Key Topics: 

  • RenewCO₂’s Innovative Technology: The development of technology at RenewCO₂ that converts CO₂ emissions into sustainable, high-quality plastics, emphasizing the scientific breakthroughs and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Impact on the Plastics Industry: The potential of RenewCO₂’s technology to revolutionize the plastics industry by providing a sustainable alternative to traditional petrochemical processes, without sacrificing the benefits of plastics.
  • Global Decarbonization Efforts: The broader implications of RenewCO₂’s work for global decarbonization, highlighting the role of innovative technologies in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

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Restoring Faith in Humanity spotlight: Hannah Testa, founder of Hannah4Change