Host Nico Johnson meets with Greenwood Energy CEO, Camilo Patrignani, live from Solar Power International 2015.  Join in as Nico and Camilo discuss the hard parts of developing one of the largest private solar PPAs in Latin America.  We also cover the decisions behind Greenwood’s JV with Illios in Mexico, and the art of letting go when your partner is courted by deeper pockets.  Camilo gives a little insight as well into Greenwood’s master plan to pivot away from the Utility markets and move towards what he sees as the burgeoning and more cash-cycle-friendly rooftop distributed generation (DG) markets.

Camilo helps us delve into the specific variables that can affect the success of a solar project in latin america, and how to avoid common pitfalls.  I really hope you get massive value from this next episode of SunCast!