Host Nico Johnson takes some time today in this first Question and Answer episode to respond to some questions received from the audience the past few weeks.  

There are a lot of requests for whether the show will ever be in Spanish.  The short answer is “maybe” and “it depends”.  Nico unpacks it a bit further.

In our inaugural episode, there was quite a bit of data and market trend info shared between Nico and Adam James, and many really enjoyed this style approach for the show.  We’ll definitely be bringing more of this back, but Adam is moving on from his role at GTM, so the recordings have necessarily been put on the back burner as he makes this transition.

Conferences are an important way to gain exposure to the players in any specific region, and Latin America is no different.  Nico’s been to, and spoken at most of the regional conferences, and takes some time here to highlight what he sees working.

A common hurdle for someone entering into a new market is determining where and with whom they should partner. Nico shares some guidance on how you might go about making that decision.

Finally, LACSA has been mentioned a few times on the ‘cast, so Nico takes a moment to explain the reasoning behind it here.

And, this Q&A tees up the Bonus Episode that you can listen to only on the SunCast website, which is our Live recording of the event we hosted in Anaheim during this year’s Solar Power International (2015).