In this episode of SunCast, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Luis Morales, Head of Latin America for Enphase Energy.  For the last year, Luis and I have been in discussions about an idea that is now bearing fruit in the form of this special Series of interviews we’re calling the “Latam Founders Series”.  I have spent the last 6 months meeting with or interviewing some of the Enphase customers who are growing the fastest not only in their own countries but in the Latam Region and have taken often innovative approaches to both technology and financing to do so.

The thesis is this: If you’re building a business you’re a maverick. If that business is in the growing but still extremely small niche of solar power, in Latin America, and beyond that, you’ve done in-depth analysis of cutting-edge technology like Enphase sufficient to standardize (and scale) around it as you grow, there’s a chance you have an interesting story to tell.

NB: There are 6 episodes (presently) in the series – FOUR of them will be completely in Spanish. Yes, we’re proud to be FINALLY releasing content to the SunCast audience in Spanish (or to those who would be in the audience if only we would produce some content in Spanish – Yep, I’ve heard that, so we’ll test it!)

In today’s episode, we discuss the thought behind why we think these entrepreneurs need to be heard, and why Enphase is teaming up with us to bring these stories to light.

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And be sure to check out all the rest of the episodes in this series, which are forthcoming – stay tuned!!!