In this episode of SunCast, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Jose Zambrano, Founder & CEO of Galt Energy, one of Mexico’s fastest growing residential and commercial solar installers.  This is the inaugural episode of the “Latam Founders Series”, and I really think it’s a great example of the kinds of entrepreneurs we’re seeing arise in the solar industry throughout Latam.  Galt and Jose are emblematic of solid fundamentals, great leadership, and being out ahead of what we believe will be a massive wave of solar growth in Mexico.  

In today’s episode, Jose and I dig into exactly how Galt has become one of the fastest growing solar companies in Mexico, maybe in Latin America.

It’s impressive to see how they’ve built such a successful system to scale the company, and he shares the tools and mindset that have helped them get to this stage in their growth.

He even shares the secret hiring tip that took their system failures down to zero.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start and scale a distributed solar company in latin America, or how to sell to one, then keep your pen handy, you might want to take some notes.

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