In this episode of SunCast, you’ll meet Manan Parikh of GTM Research.  Many of you already know who Manan is, but, for the uninitiated, Manan is the analyst at GTM who authors their quarterly Latam PV Playbook – basically the bible on all-things-solar for latin america from market size and potential, to who, specifically, is doing what in each region.  I love catching up with Manan, as he always has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the region.  And this week he’s fresh off publishing the latest quarterly report.  

In today’s episode, Manan shares his predictions for markets like Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and more.  You’ll want to listen to all 60 minutes of this interview, as Manan is one of the industry experts on where the market is trending and what to look out for.

He gets into specific detail about Argentina right out of the gate (the entire first 10 minutes!), so you’ll want to tune in if you’re at all curious whether that market will meet expectations for the Year of Renewable Energy they’ve declared!

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