This is Episode 26 of SunCast, and Episode 6 in the Latam Founders Series, which is being brought to you through a collaboration with Enphase Energy. This is our final episode in Spanish, but do check out the intro if you would like access to a head-to-head inverter and MLPE document the Ecopartners guys have provided.

Well Today on SunCast, you’ll meet Hector Pomales and Gabriel Perez, founders of a leading Caribbean solar development firm, Ecopartners, based out of the Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico.

 I’d like to state for the record that, though this series is brought in partnership with Enphase, at no point were the guests asked to provide any form of endorsement of Enphase product.  That said, today’s guests do spend a decent portion of the show expounding on why and how they have evaluated the exclusive use of module-level power electronics in their portfolio, providing an example project along with specific numbers around the lifetime cost-benefit evaluation. And, even for those of you who don’t stick around for the episode, you may opt to go over to www.mysuncast.com/enphase where you can download a pdf of the head-to-head comparision of Enphase vs. string inverters that Hector walks through on the show.

 I tell you, these guys know their stuff, so stick around, and enjoy this Spanish episode of Suncast.

De nuevo, mil gracias por estar con nosotros hoy.  Espero que disfrutes este episodio de SunCast con Ecopartners.

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