Today’s episode, back by popular request – is in English. 😉

This is Episode 27 of SunCast, and Episode 7 in the Latam Founders Series. It’s the final installment of this series, brought to you in collaboration with Enphase Energy. I’ve really enjoyed this series, as it’s given us a real chance to dig deep into some of the up-and-coming solar companies in the Latin America region.  If you’ve enjoyed this series-style focus, would you shoot me a message? What else should we do a series on?  You can find me on Linkedin, or just drop by www.mysuncast.com and leave me a voicemail.

Well Today on SunCast, you’ll meet Juan Carlos Navarro, founder and CEO of N-Solar in Panama.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Juan Carlos, he’s not only a luminary in Panamanian society (he was mayor of Panama City for a Decade!), but is also an entirely passionate fanatic of solar power and climate conservation.  We go into his background in non-profit management and his 10+ yrs as a public dignitary, and I’m sure you’ll find some interesting takeaways on the how and why he decided to start a solar company.

Among the many topics today, we cover:

  • The value of technological innovation as a differentiator in the sales & marketing of a solar firm
  • The three areas Juan Carlos has learned the most in founding a solar company
  • Common challenges facing all latam solar startups
  • The logic behind building a 2.4MW utility project with microinverters
  • Juan Carlos’s extensive reading list,
  • And much, much more

We hope you get a ton of value from today’s episode, but if you’re interested in learning more about Juan Carlos and his team, I encourage you to visit their website or their Facebook Page.

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