Welcome to Episode 31 of SunCast

Today we will be spending time with Juan Fermin Rodriguez of Kingo Energy.  Stick around if you’re interested in hearing:

  • The strategy behind starting an off-grid solar company focused on Latam instead of Africa and Asia
  • The size of the Latam offgrid market
  • The difference in technology’s role in Latam versus other markets
  • How Kingo has become one of the best-capitalized solar startups in Latin America
  • And a detailed discussion of both their fundraising and go-to-market strategy  

Today’s episode is a doosy.  I’ll be honest; it was NOT what I expected.  I would say that I enjoyed this conversation as much as any I’ve done, and I believe it’s one of the most valuable we’ve brought to you yet.

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Juan will be a speaker at the upcoming Unlocking Solar Capital LATAM event in Miami June 15th & 16th, hosted by this week’s SunCast partner, Solarplaza.

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