Welcome to Episode 36 of SunCast.

Today we will be spending time with Edgar Arvizu, VP of Development at major global IPP, Sonnedix.  Edgar was one of my original guests back in Episode 4 of the SunCast launch!  Stoked to have him back for round 2.

Edgar is one of the top solar development leaders in the world today. I had fun asking him some probing questions, specifically about who, what when and where to build development teams, skills and strategy.

Stick around if you’re interested in hearing:

  • What markets Edgar is spending most of his time in these days
  • Advice he’d give to himself now 8 yrs riding the solarcoaster
  • Key takeaways from mentors in his career
  • Critical things developers should STOP doing
  • And what areas of solar development Edgar sees around the corner that excites him the most

You can get the full show notes and links to books and other resources if you head over to the blog at mysuncast.com.

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