Welcome to Episode 42 of SunCast, and episode 3 of our Solar Pioneers series.

Today we’re picking up on Part 2 of our Episode 40 with Cory Vaughan. If you missed the previous episode, please do take some time to go back and hear how it all started.  Cory has had the good fortune of being an early team member with a front row seat to several startups that have become industry-leading behemoths, and in today’s episode, we get into detail about:

  • The truth about Sunedison’s rooftop leasing practices and whether it created an advantage
  • How Sunedison set up regulatory affairs and other inside information on upcoming market development
  • How SunEdison seemed to Always be ahead of the cost curve on solar project pricing
  • What it was really like to ride the rise and fall of the MEMC acquisition and company explosion
  • Cory’s vision for financing and storage solution that will help the C&I market
  • Hot or Not, from DG to SAAS for solar to grid stabilization
  • Cory’s advice to developers from his owned lessons learned
  • And what he’d do differently if he could start over with SunEdison again

Really Cory just doles out so much advice and insight in this follow-on episode, gleaning from 20+ yrs of experience selling solar!

I hope you have as much fun as we did recording it.

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