Welcome to Episode 46 of SunCast. I’m your host, Nico Johnson, and I’m so glad you’re back with me again this week! 

My friend, and fellow podcaster, Jeff Spies, has been in the solar industry for nearly exactly the same amount of time I have (that’s 11 yrs and counting!) and I don’t think Anybody has spent as much time as he has thinking about how to tell the story of the dawn of the Solar PV Industry and the vanguards who ushered it out of obscurity and into mainstream. His Solar Pioneer parties are legendary, so stay tuned to hear how you can attend the 3rd and final one this November!

In today’s episode, we get into detail about:

  • Jeff’s journey into solar, from his early days at AEE to now
  • What exactly is this Solar Pioneers party he keeps talking about on LinkedIn and Facebook and why you should attend?
  • Which contractor trade Jeff expects solar to most resemble as it continues to evolve
  • His take on Hot or Not, and of course, books, lessons learned and much more.

If YOU have someone or something you think should be on Suncast, you can shoot me an email, a LinkedIn message, or even just pop over to the website and leave me a quick Voicemail, right from your smartphone! That website is www.mysuncast.com and email is nico@mysuncast.com.

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Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with Jeff Spies of Quick Mount PV.