Welcome to SunCast, and Episode 48!

Today we’ll be spending time with a friend who’s no stranger to the media and spotlight surrounding solar, and who has been a major voice advocating for the solar industry’s maturity both as a resource and as a marketing community vying for people’s attention in a crowded space.  Tor Valenza, AKA, Solar Fred, is a strategy advisor and communications consultant for a number of well-known companies, and regularly shares his insights, thoughts and recommendations with us through social media and online publications. So I thought I’d have Tor come on SunCast to not only dig into his background, but to hear his take on how solar companies can learn from the best marketers in the world and what we should be doing to up our game. In today’s episode, Tor and I discuss:

  • The making of Solar Fred
  • What is branding, and how are solar companies getting it right
  • What’s holding many solar companies back
  • The failures that have led to Tor’s successes
  • What you can learn from a giant solar panda in China
  • A ton of book recommendations and other goodies related to marketing best practices

You can get the full show notes and links to books and other resources if you head over to the blog at mysuncast.com.

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