Episode 49 – the missing link(s) to solid growth

This week’s episode is one I REALLY enjoyed recording for 2 reasons. #1, it’s mostly unscripted because of #2, it’s after dinner with one of my favorite humans, Scott Mueller, and we aptly dubbed it the first Winecast, over a great bottle of Vino – It’s officially WineCast #2 (see Episode 46 for WineCast #1) but let’s not get into semantics!

Today I’ll keep the intro short & focused on 2 important things you need to know, that tie back to today’s chat w/Scott.

Thing 1: Scott is one of my solar brothers, part of my Scene, my tribe.

What does that mean, and why do you care? Well, that’s the topic of next week’s episode, which is #50, and which celebrates 2 awesome milestones in MY Life – my 38th birthday – AND the 2nd anniversary of the launch of SunCast!

So, next week’s episode will take a look at how we build community, what has SunCast become over the first 50 episodes, how you all have in fact become my tribe of sorts, and what you can expect from the next 100 episodes! Exciting stuff, so please don’t miss out on next week’s momentous episode.

Thing 2: Scott has sold solar around the globe, including more than a year as a digital nomad while building his current company, Solar Lead Factory.  We get into lots of stuff today that is interesting, but the most notable and what I want to focus on is that on the heels of this recording, we decided to do a Webinar, which we just announced yesterday.  So let me tell you about the Webinar before we get into the show with Scott.

It’ll be a 3-part series on growing your solar business, hosted by SolarEdge, Solar Lead Factory, & SolarEdge

October 13th – 10AM PDT

Part I – LEADS – Growth starts here 

In Part 1 we explore various types of leads, how to get them, and how to architect your approach for success with a special focus on how to leverage paid marketing as fuel to dramatically increase your sales.

  • What are the differences in sales approach by lead type?
  • How can leveraging strengths in certain approaches help or hurt success in other areas?
  • Which marketing strategies are most effective?
  • How does the ‘top of the funnel’ impact the rest of the funnel?

This weeks episode is brought to you by Buyourfuture – go to http://bit.ly/buyfuture to learn more.

And by SunCast, SolarLeadFactory & SolarEdge – bringing you this awesome webinar in 2 weeks on how to prepare for growth in your solar business – www.mysuncast.com/webinar to learn more.This weeks episode is brought to you by Buyourfuture – go to http://bit.ly/buyfuture to learn more.

And definitely, Stay tuned next week for a solo episode with a bit of a look back at starting the podcast, and a riff from me on building your tribe.

Alright! Thanks again for taking the time to be here.  Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with my man, Scott Mueller of Solar Lead Factory