Welcome to Episode 52 of SunCast. I’m so glad

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the first Tactical Tuesday.It’s 20 minutes of marketing morsels with our friend Solar Fred. What topics do you want more of there, or who should be featured? Today on SunCast is Mr. TJ Kanczuzewski, CEO and chief innovator at Inovateus Solar. TJ is one of the most high-energy executives I know, and he leads a team of winners, but don’t take my word for it, tune in as we discuss:

  • The time-honored tradition of taking over the family business
  • Best places to work and having a fun culture
  • Growing a nationwide presence with staying power, in particular, the keys to their staying power
  • The power of a pivot
  • Detailedexamples of tactics he’s infused into Inovateus to foster growth and productivity
  • Probably one of the best reading lists yet and more…

This episode is Long, but Worth it.  This really was a blast to record and is jam-packed with good insight into how to build a thriving company straight from the man who’s dedicated the last decade of his life to it. 

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1 more thing, stick around ALL the way to the end, because everybody loves a good party!

Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with TJ Kan-chew-zeski, CEO of Inovateus Solar.