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And this week, we welcome Mika Nuotio of Empower Micro Systems.

Nature of how power electronics sector works and implication for solar industry, inverters, etc.

What changes in UL and NEC standards are driving inverter and module electronics architecture evolution?

How is safety in power electronics evolving?

UL 1741 – what is it? how has it evolved and what implications are there for solar technology development?

2014 edition Vs 2017 edition – what’s new in these updated editions?

When is compliance required?

What is Rule 21

Is the US leading or lagging in terms of grid integration and control standards? What is Low-voltage ride-through and why is it important?

What is Reactive power

NEC 680.2 & The background behind Rapid-shutdown

And differences between the implementations of the 2014 version and the revisions of the 2017 version

Who is really driving this regulation, and when is compliance required?

Mika really breaks things down to very specific details, but I think he manages to keep it approachable by the layman, which appreciate.

Tune in, and Tune-up your skills.

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