Welcome to Episode 81 of Suncast!

Did you check out the last Suncast episode? It’s with James Ellsmoor who was on Forbes 30 Under 30 for Energy! Listen to it here!

On this Tactical Tuesday, I speak with Josh Weiner of SepiSolar.

Josh Weiner is the CEO/Founder of SepiSolar, a SF Bay Area engineering services company that has taken a long view on the integration of storage with solar. He was notably one of the co-founders of another well-known storage company, Green Charge Networks.

Josh has gone on to develop grid-connected energy storage and micro-grid projects with NRG’s Station A team and NEXTracker’s integrated energy storage program, where Josh has played many roles in the development of energy storage products and services, including business, finance, policy, project, product, hardware, and software development.  

Tune-in as we discuss these topics: 

  • 4 Questions Engineers should ask when evaluating energy storage $/kwh
  • Depth of discharge and efficiency factors
  • Maintenance and Safety of Lithium Batteries
  • and a FREE resource YOU can use

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