Welcome to Episode 85 of Suncast!

Did you check out last weeks episode with Jason Zook? If not, Listen to it here! 

Today on SunCast, I had a chance to catch up with one of my oldest friends and colleagues in the industry. If you’re unfamiliar with his name, or the company he started and recently sold for well into the 8+ figures range, then you should at least be curious to learn how he took his FIRST company to a nearly half-billion-dollar valuation and exit, and in-so-doing achieved the status of “No. 1 ranking US Solar Company in the US” by SolarPowerWorld in 2016.   

Stick around as we dig into a variety of topics, including: 

  • What contributed to becoming the largest C&I solar company in the US 
  • How his young, inexperienced team pulled together some of the biggest deals in our industry at the time 
  • The old-school tactics he employed that led to a very successful business and exit 
  • And more lessons and takeaways than I can capture here in bullet points!