Welcome to Episode 90 of Suncast!

Well, today on SunCast, Tristan Erion-Lorico gives us a glimpse inside the rigorous evaluations you should be considering when procuring your PV Modules.  He also gets personal about building an unconventional career in solar. Tristan, like many of you, is an infinite learner, and he attributes that as one of his keys to growth and career success.  Along the way we discuss how having a family early in his life pushed this hustling kid-entrepreneur into the corporate world, and how his curious spirit and eagerness to grow has propelled him to be Head of the Solar Module Business Unit for one of the most recognized engineering firms in the solar industry, and arguably in the world – DNV GL.

 Stay tuned as we discuss:

  • Keys to evaluating your module suppliers
  • Top contributors to solar module degradation
  • The missing link to BNEF’s Tier 1 Module ratings
  • And Lessons from an overly ambitious corporate exit

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