Welcome to Episode 93 of SunCast!

JW Postal has had by any measure a successful run as an entrepreneur, not just in the solar industry. As a co-founder of Main Street Power, he helped build the company to become one of the largest DG players in the US, eventually being absorbed into the global giant AES as their first foray into distributed generation.

He has now turned his sights toward the impending boom of the storage business, and today we gain valuable insight into how this entrepreneur is setting himself apart from the pack. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The connection between the Obama campaign, Wall Street and Main Street Power 
  • The fundamental first steps the Main Street team took to ensure they were launching with momentum 
  • The keystone decisions that have helped propel his new venture, Nikola Power to early wins (including fundraising details) 
  • Some amazing insights into JW’s entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned and strategic thinking

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