Welcome to Episode 96 of SunCast!

Today we’re rounding out our discussion with Mr. Kyle Cherrick, Head of Business Development for PickMySolar.  If you missed last week’s episode, then you might consider going back to catch it, as it’s actually Part 1 of this interview. We are going to continue to unpack Kyle’s story, this time turning the focus more squarely on his current project, PickMySolar. Kyle managed to launch and fund his previous venture, Solar Merchant, while full-time employed AND getting his MBA.

Stay tuned to hear: 

  • How PickMySolar earned its early strategic partnership with Google 
  • Details about Kyle’s decision to merge Solar Merchant into PickMySolar’s team 
  • Why their offering is unique among the solar sales platforms 
  • Kyle’s superpower, along with much sound wisdom he received from both mentors and books 

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