Welcome to Episode 102 of SunCast!

Today is Tactical Tuesday, a short-form conversation with subject-matter experts designed to give you practical tools, tips, and advice for building your solar business or career. 

If you’re curious about how to scale up your solar project development activity without breaking the bank, today’s episode is for you. 

Mike Dellagala has invested over $200M in DG (Distributed Generation) solar projects and knows more than a few tips & tricks to getting projects across the finish line.  

Today, he answers my questions about: 

  • How he invests in a solar developer’s project pipeline, specifically 
  • What is required to get an investor interested in your early-stage project? 
  • What to do when the checks get larger than you can afford? 
  • How does it work when a developer sells their pipeline? 
  • What are the mechanics of selling the deal to an investor? 
  • What red flags might disqualify a project? 
  • What are the 2 main things his team screens to ensure the project is on the right track? 
  • And of course, How to sell your project profitably and maximize return on effort! 

Mike is a trusted advisor, not just for me but for many developers I know. And his team has cracked the code on helping development entrepreneurs get projects to a successful exit, profitably. We cover a broad swath of info about what they focus on and who they help, but of course, we cannot cover it all in only 20 minutes. That’s why we’re going to offer a free webinar in the coming weeks to discuss the common pitfalls of solar project development and go over the project development process (and checklist!) they have created to avoid them!  

And don’t forget, You can get access to the upcoming Webinar All about the nitty-gritty of developing solar projects that sell by texting “SUNCAST” to 345345 from your phone – that will get you on our mailing list so you will know when Mike and I are rolling out the webinar. And as a thank you, I’ll also send you the FREE Webinar Guide, created by our last Tactical Tuesday guest, Paul Grana.  

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