Welcome to Episode 141 of SunCast!

Today’s exceptional entrepreneur, Rick Ivins, was introduced to me by Chris Grablutz, who happens to work for one of Rick’s companies, PV Pros. Thanks Chris! Rick has an insatiable appetite for learning, and it has manifested in his building not 1 but 3 companies in the last decade (you’ll learn why he killed one of them and how the other 2 are now thriving).    I thought it appropriate that we bring him on to share about 2 things very important to the Solar industry 1) value engineering to improve project quality, and 2) training up good people in your organization. Rick is another infinite learner, just like you, so be sure you have your pen & paper ready for note taking!   Remember you can always find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or email and you can get the resources and learn more about how to find Rick or his recommendations on the SunCast Blog.

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