#181: Jon Powers, CleanCapital

Jon Powers, is a true warrior, and a veritable solar warrior. When Jon returned from serving the US Army in Iraq, he had a vision for how important clean energy is for our nation’s independence and charted a path to help the armed forces transition away from Fossil Fuels. Little did he know this would lead him to the White House the first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer under the Obama administration. His fingerprint is on many of the important initiatives underway in the Federal arena, and he’s now turned his eye to the private sector with an eye towards disrupting the finance and fintech side of clean energy. I’m also honored to have Jon on b/c he’s a fellow podcaster. If you’ve not yet heard his Experts Only podcast, you should add it to your queue. We discuss the genesis of the podcast, the startup woes and wins at Clean Capital, and more on today’s episode.

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