#195: Robert Styler, SunCrew

Today’s entrepreneur happens to be one of the best salesmen in our business, or maybe any business.  Jigar Shah has said of Robert Styler that he’s an expert in bringing multi-level marketing to solar. In fact, his current company, SunCrew, was launched from a phone call with Jigar Shah. 

Robert and I dig deep into the pains of failure, the hardships he’s endured being what he called “The stuttering networker” and how he overcame the impediment. 

Today we also discuss his new model for re-envisioning customer acquisition and sales commissions, which he calls SunCrew. And Robert is the first to point out, SunCrew is not a network marketing company – it’s what he calls a Capitalist Cooperative. Stick around to learn more about that, and some really great sales advice, life tips, and book recommendations. This is one of the most vulnerable and insightful interviews you may hear all year.

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