#200: SPI, American-Made Solar Prize Winners

Episode number 200 of SunCast! 

I hope you’re having a restful day as many of you here in the US are enjoying a holiday, and likely still feeling stuffed and grateful from yesterday’s Thanksgiving celebration.

The last 4 years have really flown by, but so have the last 100 episodes! We have done our 2nd 100 episodes in 1/3rd the time it took for the first 100, and I tell you the feedback is amazing. I love hearing from you all, and am so grateful for the tribe we’ve built. If you’re not subscribed to our email, then you already missed out on our first announcement today of our Black Friday weekend special on membership to the SunCast Tribe, so I encourage you to pause the intro and go ahead over to mysuncast.com (we’ve even linked to it in the description right there in your podcast player) and subscribe. This is the lowest it’s ever going to be to join our Tribe, so take advantage now.

Ok, welcome back…

To celebrate our 200th episode, you guessed it, I’m releasing more SPI Podcast Lounge content (which if I’m honest with you is pure coincidence, and you can expect more of these live SPI episodes every Friday for a while!)

With every episode of SunCast, we get to meet and learn from amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs. In September, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the creators of The American-Made Solar Prize, a prize competition from the U.S. Department of Energy that is designed to revitalize U.S. solar manufacturing. The winners of the first round of the Solar Prize were announced at Solar Power International, and those lucky winners were featured live at our Podcast Lounge in Salt Lake City. What a phenomenal surprise when I discovered that 2 previous guests of SunCast turned out to be Winners!

Today you’ll learn more about the prize, hear from the winners, and find out how You, too, can participate!  One quick note that we did originally record 3 episodes, with number 3 being all about the 3rd round of the prize, which is is open to applications until December 10th. Unfortunately, that recording seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle between Salt Lake and coming home, so I’d like to encourage you to listen all the way through the outro of the show today for add’l details on Round 3, if You are interested in participating.  Today’s episode is broken into 2 parts, so when you hear the first piece ending, it’s not the end of the show, just keep listening.

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